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A Ladder to the Sky

John Boyne
2018, 434 p.

Maurice Swifts ambition is to become a writer. He has already written six short novels, none of which attracted many readers, when he meets the celebrated author Erich Ackermann. Despite his success as a writer, Ackermann is lonely and immediately feels a bond with the young, handsome Maurice and makes him his personal assistant. Maurices problem is that he is technically a good writer, but lacks the creativity to come up with good stories. But when he finds out that Ackermann has a story to tell, he steals this story and uses it for his own novel. This then becomes his first great success as an author. A Ladder to the Sky is the story of an aspiring writer who will go to any length to fulfil his ambitions. But it is also a story about loneliness. These two storylines combine to create a page-turner with an exciting plot.


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