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Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Gail Honeyman
2017, 327 p.

Eleanor Oliphant’s life is built around routine and she does not live up to social expectations. She works as a finance clerk and keeps mostly to herself. When she coincidentally gets involved with Raymond, an IT guy at the office, she gradually discovers friendship and compassion. The book is divided into three parts: Good Days, Bad Days and Better Days. The first part depicts Eleanor’s weekly routine, providing an overview of who she is. Later on, it is revealed how things from the past have shaped her. Honeyman was discovered through a writing competition. Her debut novel is a very intriguing and heart-warming read. Although the book is at times hilarious, there is a darker undertone that makes the character of Eleanor feel very real.


Senia helpt graag bij het vinden van een leesclub die bij je past.