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Home Fire

Kamila Shamsie
2017, 260 pages, British Pakistani

The story is told by the five main characters, all of whom are from a British-Pakistani Muslim background. Isma who, after the death of their mother, took care of her younger twin siblings and is now finally able to pursue an academic career in Massachusetts; Aneeka, the beautiful younger sister, who stays behind in London; Parvaiz, Aneeka’s twin brother, whose decision to follow in the footsteps of a father he has never known and join the Caliphate turns all their lives upside down; Eamonn, the son of the Home Secretary, who becomes involved with Aneeka, and Karamat Lone, Eamonn’s father, who has a point to prove. What makes ‘Home Fire’ particularly interesting is the way these five points of view provide the reader with a good insight into the different kinds of loyalty that play such an important part in the story, including being loyal to yourself, your family and your background.


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