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Mothering Sunday

Graham Swift
2016, 177 p.

The novella follows Jane Fairchild, a maidservant at Beechwood House, during one day in March 1924. The day was Mothering Sunday, when servants were traditionally given the day off to visit their mother. Jane, being an orphan, spends the morning with Paul, her secret lover, who is the sole remaining son and heir of the neighboring estate. After he leaves her for a lunch date with the girl he is to marry in two weeks’ time, Jane wanders through the house trying to memorize everything. As the narrative moves back and forth from 1924 to the end of the century, going back and forth between tragedy and romance, we learn more about Jane’s life and how this special day influenced the rest of her life. This is a wonderful and memorable story, in which Swift shows the defining effect that certain experiences can have on a person's life.


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