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The Offing

Benjamin Myers
2019, 260 p.

In wonderful prose The Offing tells the story of a young man venturing out into the Big Wide World, shortly after the Second World War. Tired of the gloomy mining town where he was raised, he arrives at the North Sea coast, where he is invited to spend some of his young days with a mysterious woman with a poetic secret. While he does odd jobs, she cooks, using the harvest from the garden to create the most wonderful dishes. Such delicacies were previously unknown to him. There is more for the reader to experience, the secret of the sea and this song of summer. And, in this coming-of-age novel, the body of a boy is growing into a man just as his mind learns about literature and the power of words. The Offing is a poetically written, jubilant song of young life. Discover how a secret is revealed and life sings through the summer haze.


Senia helpt graag bij het vinden van een leesclub die bij je past.