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Utopia Avenue

David Mitchell
2020, 561 p.

It is 1967 and the world of pop music is in turmoil. Bands are emerging and rising to fame fast. The recently formed Utopia Avenue is working hard to find an audience for their music, travelling to the ends of the UK, bonding as a band so their music grows in intensity and creating their own original sound. Famous popstars such as David Bowie, Jimmy Hendrix and Brian Jones make an appearance. And through all the troubles the band members experience getting into the Top 10. They share their stories. Dean Moss needs to free himself of his drunk father, Elf Holloway from a lost love and the death of her little nephew, and Jasper de Zoet from the curse of his ancestor Jacob. This harks back to The Thousand Autumns and the creation of Mitchells Über-novel, with many cross-references to his previous books. The swinging sixties brought to life by the wonderful storytelling of David Mitchell. Utopia Avenue not only brings this exciting time alive through the ups and downs of the bands three songwriters, but also brings you into close contact with the in-crowd of that time. A feast for lovers of Mitchells work and an invitation to novices wanting to experience more.


Senia helpt graag bij het vinden van een leesclub die bij je past.