General information

Een leesclub Engels in gezellig gesprek

Would you like to join an English Literature Reading Group?

Reading Groups are popular because they offer you the opportunity to read interesting books, and more importantly, to discuss them with other like-minded people. Senia is an organization that sets up Reading Groups for Dutch, French and English literature. It also organizes Reading Groups on poetry, classical literature and on history. Senia works in cooperation with libraries and bookshops.
We are currently looking for native Dutch and native English speakers who would like to join an English Reading Group. This will offer both groups the opportunity to learn from each other’s cultures.

Special Reader's Guides

Discussions in the English Reading Groups are in English. Members receive special Reader’s Guides for the books their group has selected. Each guide contains a summary and a number of specific topics for discussion and background information about the author. These guides are compiled by students of the University of Groningen and Senia experts and volunteers. Membership costs € 34,50 a year. This includes the Reader’s Guides, a digital newsletter, and support from Senia. Senia will also organize a few ‘literary-related’ excursions during the year.

Groups consist of 6 - 8 members, who discuss some 6 - 7 books a season. Meetings are held every 6 to 8 weeks from September to May. Members can choose from a varied list of titles. Each year at least 10 new ones will be added to the list.

If we start new English reading groups, you will find the announcement below.