History of Wolves - Emily Fridlund

Emily Fridlund

History of Wolves
2017, 275 pages, US

Linda, fourteen, lives in a small Minnesotan town with her parents, hippies who stayed behind after their commune fell apart. Called "freak" at school by the other children, she feels an outsider and often wanders around the woods on her own. This changes when Patra and Leo move in across the lake from where Linda lives. Patra’s husband is a scientist and is often away for long periods of time doing research. To help her out, Linda becomes a babysitter to their four-year old son Paul. Paul seems a little different from other children. Without realising it, Linda becomes involved in something that will have a tremendous impact on the rest of her life. Showing everything through Linda’s eyes, Emily Fridlund is able to make the reader understand how difficult it is to decide whether and when to take action in a situation that doesn’t feel right.