Lean Fall Stand - Jon McGregor

Jon McGregor

Lean Fall Stand
2021, 288 p.

Robert “Doc” Wright is a General Technical Assistant, leading two young assistants on a geographical research expedition in Antarctica. During the trip, unnecessary risks are taken, and when a sudden storm strengthens and the radios fail, the three become isolated. The story continues with Doc’s return home to the UK, seen through the eyes of his wife, Anna. Having been at opposite ends of the globe for 30 years, the two have become estranged. Anna struggled to find a balance between raising their children and her career as a climate expert, and now suddenly has to take on a new role as Doc’s full-time carer. An investigation into the Antarctic tragedy is launched and Doc, who suffers from aphasia following a stroke, has to find a way to account for his actions. McGregor has written an emotional novel about a relationship and communications after a stroke that is both captivating and deeply sad.