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A Spell of Good Things

Ayòbámi Adébáyò


This novel, set in contemporary Nigeria, follows the lives of two young people, each from a different segment of society. Eniolá is from an impoverished family and his father has lost his job as a history teacher. After having to leave school because there is no longer any money for his education, he falls in with a wrong crowd of friends. Wúràolá is a young doctor from a wealthy family with the right political connections. She tries to find a balance between her career and the pressure her family is putting on her to get married. When Wúràolá’s boyfriend asks her to marry him, her family finally has reason to celebrate, but she then discovers hidden sides to his character. The story then becomes darker on all levels, against the background of a country that is run by corrupt politicians who don’t care about their people. This results in a gaping divide between the haves and the have-nots; the education system is poor, while there are also regular power cuts, the healthcare services are very bad and the country has a high crime rate. The two storylines ultimately come together in a devastating final chord. If you would like to see how life in Nigeria is today, this gripping story will certainly fascinate you.


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