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Richard Powers
2021, 288 p.

Young Robin is brilliant, but cannot cope with day-to-day life. He is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and is scared to go to school. Doctors demand that he should take medication. The loss of his mother is running deep and drives him to extremes. His father’s stories about his search for life on other planets as well as their joint trips into the wilderness calm him down. When he is offered a way into his mother’s mind, he changes dramatically and is able to explore his original creativity. However, he does not expect good things to last. His father, the astrobiologist Theo Byrne, cannot change that as he himself is dealing with the dramatic consequences of his wife’s death, which make him feel helpless and fill him with sorrow and guilt. Imagine a story with many layers: the love of a man for his deceased wife, and his difficult, original son. This book will leave a deep impression.


Senia helpt graag bij het vinden van een leesclub die bij je past.