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Frankissstein: A Love Story

Jeanette Winterson
2019, 346 p.

Frankissstein consists of two stories, told alternately. One is set in present-day Britain and America and tells the story of the young transgender doctor Ry and his lover, Victor Stein. Stein is a professor with great ambitions in the field of artificial intelligence. The other part is set during the life of the author Mary Shelley and tells the story of what led her to write her novel Frankenstein and her life after its publication. What will happen when homo sapiens is no longer the most intelligent being on the planet? In this book Winterson creates a background to and future perspective of the classic Frankenstein. Filled with humour, this book examines not only artificial intelligence, but also modern sexual relationships and even bringing people back to life. A unique approach to both Frankenstein and artificial intelligence.


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