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Great Circle

Maggie Shipstead
2021, 589 p.

After the baby twins Marian and Jamie Graves have been rescued from a burning ship, their Uncle Wallace, a painter who drinks too much and has no idea how to raise children, takes them in. Marian has always wanted to be a pilot, but when Barclay Macqueen, a shady businessman, makes her dream come true, she has to pay a very high price. Jamie leads a very different kind of life and becomes a well-known artist. In 1950, Marian disappears while flying around the world from north to south. At regular intervals, the story switches to Hadley Baxter, a disgraced Hollywood movie star, who, more than 50 years later, is preparing for her role as Marian in a movie about the latter’s life. The novel is set against the background of Prohibition, the Great Depression and the Second World War and includes the histories of various real-life women pilots. This results in a very interesting read.


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