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Talk to me

T.C. Boyle
2021, 292 p.

Guy Schermerhorn is a professor of psychology involved in researching language acquisition in primates. Thanks to Guy’s careful training, the chimp Sam has learned to communicate through sign language. Sam lives in Guy’s apartment, but this is wreaking havoc on Guy’s personal life. Guy is lucky to find the undergraduate student Aimee Villard, who volunteers to babysit. Aimee and Sam have an immediate connection, and before Guy knows it, she’s moved in, proudly devoting herself to Sam’s care and Guy’s project. Dr Moncrieff, the head of the department, is not so optimistic about the project and decides that it has to stop. However, Aimee is not willing to give Sam up and so runs away with him. This book is about Aimee’s love for Sam. How far will she go, while she is also hiding from Dr Moncrieff?


Senia helpt graag bij het vinden van een leesclub die bij je past.