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NIET MEER TE KIEZEN VANAF 2024-2025 – The Course of Love

Alain de Botton
2016, 240 p.

The long-awaited follow-on from Alain de Botton’s first novel On Love finds the Lebanese-German Rabih Khan grown into a young man of thirty-one. In his capacity as an architect, he meets a client Kirsten McClelland and they fall deeply in love. What follows is a captivating description of their relationship over a period of thirteen years where marriage and the birth of a son and daughter set the back-drop for an in-depth examination of the emotions and behaviours that draw the couple together and almost drive them apart. Ideals are put to the test by the pressures of an average existence with humdrum routines. Alain de Botton manages to combine a story of a relationship with philosophical insights interspersed in the narrative that invites us to question how we relate to another human being on a profound level.


Senia helpt graag bij het vinden van een leesclub die bij je past.