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The Immortalists

Chloe Benjamin
2018, 352 p.

The book is set in New York in 1969, when four siblings in the Jewish Gold family are given a fortune teller's predictions of their dates of death. The next forty years of each of the children's lives are consecutively followed as "the day" comes nearer. They all lead full lives: Simon escapes, searching for love, to the West Coast, while Klara becomes a Las Vegas magician, Daniel seeks security as an army doctor, and Varya dedicates herself to science. Do the predictions come true for one or all of them? How did the predictions work out? Did the fortune teller have a special gift? Was it just coincidence? Or were the outcomes caused by the children themselves? The Immortalists is a very entertaining, well-written family novel, occasionally mysterious and occasionally thrilling. It is about the bonds between siblings, but also about religion and science, destiny and free choice, and reality and illusion. A very good read.


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