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The Other Americans

Laila Lalami
2019, 301 p.

Moroccan immigrant Driss Guerraoui is killed in a hit and run accident. The subsequent investigation turns the lives of several characters, divided by race, religion and class, upside down: Nora, the daughter, who is in an unhappy relationship and is trying to make a career as a composer; Salma, Nora's sister, who is frustrated by always having had to do her duty; Maryam, Driss's wife, who still longs for her homeland; Jeremy Gorecki, the sheriff's deputy and an Iraq veteran, who is in a difficult relationship with Nora; Erica Coleman, the detective, who is worried about her thirteen-your-old son; Anderson Baker and his son A.J., who own the bowling alley next to Driss's restaurant, and Efraín Acaves, who witnessed the accident but doesn't want to come forward out of fear of deportation. As each character is given his or her own voice, an interesting picture emerges of both a family and a town full of secrets and prejudice.


Senia helpt graag bij het vinden van een leesclub die bij je past.
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